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When people ask me what led me to this idea, the reason was simple, it was pain! It is my aspiration to revolutionise the footwear industry where women no longer have to succumb to the ideology of ‘Beauty is Pain’, where women no longer have to hide a pair of spare shoes in their bags, and where women are empowered to wear the type of heels they desire, at any given time. I only hope we are able to let you experience that immense satisfaction that comes with feeling amazing, glamorous, and comfortable. Yes, I used the words glamorous and comfortable in the same sentence, it is possible. Come join us on this journey as we make strides towards something remarkable and innovative and walk with you every step of the way - Pam, CEO & Founder 





The road to Mestrae started from humble beginnings, it came from wanting to fulfill the needs and wants of the everyday woman, the mothers, the corporate climbers, the professional, the chef, the sisters and daughters, the modern woman who tries to do it all.


We started by gathering structural and technical footwear composition from shoemakers in Malaysia who possesses decades of refined knowledge in handmade shoes to resourceful resourceful cobblers and suppliers. A team comprised of engineers, designers and shoemakers from all walks of life was assembled to create high heels that look both sexy and functional at the same time. Each part of the interchangeable mechanism is custom designed. The road to Mestrae hasn’t been easy but it has been blessed with immense support from family, friends, and the tight knit startup community.


Mestrae is growing faster that we imagined. We believe customers come first and have been developing strong presence of customers in America and Asia, with a growing interest in Europe. Mestrae's team started small, and we look forward to further expanding the Mestrae family. Mestrae strongly believes int he merit system and equal opportunities worldwide. At Mestrae, we look forward to being trend setters and to continuously be creative and innovative in the world of fashion and technology.