Mestrae's Green Initiatives


Ethical Fashion

Mestrae ensures factory productions which includes fabrication of locks and heels, midsole, outsole, insole, pattern making, shoemaking, fabric preparation who are both locally and internationally located, practice ethical labor through active visits and contractual obligations. Mestrae strongly believes that labor forces and employees' health comes first and hence stopped all production throughout the Covid-19 phase until employees have minimized the risk of infection.


Sustainable Fashion

Mestrae understands the impact of fashion on the environment and aims to continuously innovate in becoming sustainable. At present, Mestrae uses both leather and vegan synthetic leather and has been working on incorporating natural resource vegan leather made out of pineapples. Mestrae is also continuously testing the usage and durability of recycled ABS materials used for heels and ensures all its packaging is recyclable. While the challenges of small business in terms of the high cost of research, testing, and production slows down the effort, Mestrae hopes to continuously advance this initiative


No Fast fashion

Mestrae does not practice fast fashion. Each pair of Mestrae interchangeable heels is handmade with ready-to-order or with limited inventory to ensure all raw materials are used to full capacity and workers' optimization and work-life balance are managed.  



Mestrae’s interchangeable heels expand the usage timeframe of a pair of heels. With regular pair of heels, worn off and broken heels equate to a pair in the bin. With Mestrae, worn off or broken heels equates to a pair of new accessory heels to swap. 


Circular fashion

Mestrae has been looking into Bitcoin time chain initiatives and aims to work with small suppliers to enable ease of buy and sell, especially across international borders with challenges of currency exchanges and lack of visibility, to break the supply chain hegemony. This is not a standalone or resource-allocated initiative yet, but Mestrae aims to take it further. Mestrae also aims to work along with other elements of circular fashion especially in reselling and repurposing its products upon reaching lifetime usage.



Mestrae only has technology and performance accreditation and has not gone through environment certification. Ideally, as Mestrae grows with a stronger impact on both suppliers and the environment, Mestrae aims to work towards sustainable materials and labor accreditation


Further initiatives

Mestrae aims to continually advocate innovations and technology advancements for mass-market availability of sustainable products that can be used to replace environment-unfriendly products. Mestrae would also love to speak to more fashion environments and enthusiasts in this area where we can brainstorm more easy and affordable ways for small fashion brands to be more sustainable.