User Guide

2 Easy Steps

Picture steps as follows : 

1. These are Mestrae's wine-red suede Gerri shoes in their 3.5 Chunky heels
2. To change out of the current heels, press the silver-chrome button located at the base of the heel (in the baseplate) and the heels will easily pop out
3. This image depicts the silver-chrome button and the attached heel before it is released
4. Now once the heels have popped out, you can fix on your flats cover or any other accessory heels that you desire
5. Take your flats cover (or accesory heel) and press the button down to insert the flats cover in place. The flats cover will not go in unless the button is pressed
6. This image shows the flats cover securely locked in place. Release the button to ensure that your flats covers are locked in place with the 'click' sound. Over at Mestrae, we call it the "sexy click"
7. Your Mestrae heels are now ready to be worn as flats!