Corporate Partnership - for Employee Benefits Program


Corporate benefits have evolved in today’s times catering to employees undergoing dramatic shifts from the global pandemic and financial upheavals. More and more companies are including consumer lifestyle options for comfort creation in their indirect financial benefits scheme, by partnering with merchants who provide these discounts.
Mestrae solves a simple but annoying problem for women and gender expansive high heels users by transforming heels into flats with a snap of a button.
As we expand our corporate partnership program primarily in the United States, Europe, and South East Asia, we look forward to having you as our client in this novel interchangeable heels game changer.
Frequently Asked Questions :
Q: Who is this Corporate Partnership program for?
A: This program is for companies only.
Q: What is this program about?
A: Mestrae provides special discounts for companies who are our corporate partners. These companies can add it to their benefits for their employees.
Q: How does this Employee Benefits Programme work?
A: We work with the Human Resource personnel of your company in providing merchant discounts for our products
Q: How would Mestrae benefit my employees?
A: Mestrae shoes are interchangeable, whereby heels can be removed and converted into flats with a button. This helps with travel back and from work, and at the office. We always recommend asking women and gender expansive high heels lovers around you what their thoughts are. Thus far, it has been 100% in agreement that this is an innovation much needed.
Q: What is the Merchant Discount Rate
A: Our discount ranges between 15% to 30% based on standard shoes, seasonal and customized orders.
Q: How long do these programs last?
A: Our standard discount evaluation is annual so that we constantly provide the best features as a merchant to you.  
Q: Tell me more about Mestrae
 A: Mestrae started as a pain alleviation experiment from home and soon grew to a global company selling it to 31 countries, mostly in the US and Canada. Mestrae's interchangeable heels are tested based on regulatory standard for high heels. Each pair is handmade in Malaysia.

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Q: Who do we speak to?
A: Email us at with the subject 'Employee Benefits Programme' and our team will reach out to you