"For once, I didn't get blisters using a new pair of shoes! Love how comfortable and practical Mestrae shoes are"
Tanya Ann, Singapore 
"Partied all night and day and Liza stood by me like a rock! So comfy! Love these shoes and love them even better when I can interchange them to flats for the walk back to the hotel!"
Dhasshaini, United Kingdom 
"It's so comfy and convenient, I need 20 of these!"
Sheryl Richards, Malaysia
"I just received the Thandie’s today and they are absolutely amazing! They are built so well. The interchangeable heels are so unique and practical for all events. I will definitely be ordering more!"
Sarah Hunt, United States 
"I received these block heels with my Charlene shoes, and they're even cuter than I expected - in the photos they look silver, but in person they have a rainbow, opalescent effect! I've tried to gently scratch at the finish, and the glitter doesn't come off easily. The 2.5 inch option was ideal as an in-between height between the Charlene's stilettIt took a long time to find a pair of convertible heels made from vegan materials and I couldn't be happier with these. It took a while to receive them, but Mestrae's excellent customer service ensured that the wait would be worth it. 
The red upper fabric is soft and allows me to flex my foot easily. It doesn't blister my feet, and there's a subtle sparkle to them when you see them in person (I've taken my fingernail and tried to scratch this off, and there is no glitter fallout). 
I prefer the look of a stiletto but the extra block heels I received with my order look lovely with the shoes as well. The heels are very easy and intuitive to change - it doesn't take a lot of strength, but it will stay secure until the latch is deliberately pressed. The heels feel steady and not wobbly at all. 
It's lightly padded on the insole and very comfortable to walk in. The sole has no tread so you will want to scuff or score the bottoms before walking in slippery places though! 
I've found that the sizes run very slightly large, so if you wear a half shoe size, you might be fine with going down in size. 
All in all, I love these and I'm almost certain that I'll be a repeat customer.o (3.5 inches) and the flat heel cap. The wide base of the Bonnie makes it very sturdy and wiggle-free, and there is a bit of tread at the bottom to prevent slippage - great for a night of dancing."
Lucy Corsetry, Canada 
"Lovely shoes, really like it. Just that I wish there is a similar design but with round head."
Lim Huey Yin, Malaysia