Affiliate Ambassador Programme

“What is the most powerful phone in the world? The one in the hands of the world’s poorest women.” 
- Melinda Gates - 


Talk about women with determination! At Mestrae we enjoy working with women who break barriers and make a difference. We may or may not be the world’s poorest, but we surely are determined! And that matters. 

Mestrae’s Affiliate ambassador programme operates by paying you for every sales that was generated by you,  either through your social media (instagram, facebook, blog etc) or your own connections. Sales commission breakdown is up to 20% of the RRP based on order volume over a period of every 60 days. 

This programme is for - freelancers, part-timers, work from home moms, influencers who want to earn, while doing what they love! 

 We are only accepting 20 affiliate ambassadors. Apply today.  Application ends on 30th April 2019

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