Comfortably Chic by BFM

Comfortably Chic by BFM


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There’s always been a recurring problem in the world of women's shoes, where wanting to invoke the stylishness of high heels will end up feeling very uncomfortable- but Mestrae might be the perfect response to this issue. With a mission to allow women feel comfortable and sexy at the same time, Mestrae’s patented technology allows people to interchange their heels, from highs, to stilettos, to flats. This new feature has caught the eye of many women across the world, as Mestrae has rapidly expanded into 20 countries and counting. This week, we catch up with two guests. Christine Pamela, the lady behind Mestrae, tells us about her designs, while her fashion lawyer DeeWei walks us through the in’s and out’s of fashion expansion. Next, Florence Song, Style Lead at Zalora shares her thoughts on how Tweed, a once rich man’s trend became more accessible.




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