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Design Article Series - Part One

MESTRAE DESIGN SERIES PART 1 THE DESIGNS MADE FOR MESTRAE WOMEN: Regular shoes vs. Interchangeable Heels   The design experience began with a journey catering to Mestrae Interchangeable Heels; for the professional women, women on the go, women with a million tasks and things to do in a day. What type of shoes would they wear? The silhouette, material, pattern-cutting was enthralling in a way that there were so many new areas and techniques to explore! There was a catch to it. High heels, with removable heels, would mean that the shoe would have to perform as a pair of high heels, as well as a pair of flats. And by sight and construction, heels and flats are two opposite...

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Head over Heels - but it hurts!

When it comes to women and shoes, high heels are the no 1 culprit of foot pain. From a survey done by Mestrae in 2015 targeting urban working women in Klang Valley, 70% of 1000 women said these shoes hurt their feet but that doesn't stop them from buying more!  When were high heels first used ?  While high heels can be traced back to ancient Egypt, it progressed over the centuries for different purposes. Catherine de Medici (1519 - 1589) wore it elevate and to give an alluring sway while she walked,  to impress her then future husband, King of France. Soon it was associated with "people with privileges" or the "well-heeled". In the 1600s, it was used by men as "rider's...

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