Private consultation

Private Consultation

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The Private Consultations will last 3 hours and we we welcome that you come together with one or several members of your Team to ensure your Business can get the most out of it.
1. Thierry Bayle will send you a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) or will sign your own NDA
2. You will describe your business and tell us what are your expectations for the private session (questions, opportunities and challenges you face) – 1 page
3. We will send you a questionnaire based on the presentation and questions you have shared
4. You will return the questionnaire ideally 24 hours before you meet with Thierry Bayle
5. After the session is completed, Thierry understands that more questions may come. He will work with you to do a quick follow up.
This will ensure that Thierry can provide you with business insight that fits as closely as possible to your specific context, numbers and goals. For him to have this clarity and udnerstanding before he meets with you will ensure your time is productively used.
We thank you for your understanding and contribution to make this Private Consultation as effective as possible.
NB – We can organise 1-hour consultations on demand. Please email or call us so that we can share the very limited number of sessions.

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