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Mestrae Interchangeable Heels


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You can sort the veteran travellers from the rookies by the amount of luggage they carry. Lifers zip in and out of airports bringing only the bare essentials; often only what fits in a carry on. Novices are the ones waiting at the luggage carousel for multiple bags.

My first rule for happy travels is: pack light!

And, I’ve just discovered a way to further improve on that mantra. Three pairs of shoes in one! That’s right, one pair of shoes transformed into three with the push of a button. No, I’m not talking any new fangled techno-dream here, but a simple engineering design created to make the lives of women around the world a whole lot more comfortable.

Pam, CEO and founder of Mestrae, developed this concept out of her own pain and frustration when wearing heels in the workplace. Traipsing to the office on public transport and then attempting to stand with poise and balance all day long led her to find an alternative to the tradition.

Teaming up with professional shoemakers, engineers and designers in Malaysia, Pam sought to fashion high heels that looked attractive and were functional at the same time. The interchangeable mechanism was born giving women the option of flats, mid range heels and high heels all in one model.