• Girls' Day Out by Mestrae on AFO Live

    Girls' Day Out , a carnival by 21 women founders in conjunction with International Women's Day 2017 hosted  by Mestrae
  • Mestrae, Asia's 1st Interchangeable Heels on AFO LIVE

    You've seen it trending, you can now have it in person too!!! Ladies, now you can swap your heels by just removing it!

    Interchange between stilettos, block heels, 3.5 inch, 2.5 inch and flats versions with a slide of a button with Mestrae, Asia's 1st Interchangeable Heels. 

  • Interview with Pam, CEO and Founder of Mestrae, Interchangeable Shoes by The YumList

    Read the full interview here 
  • Comfortably Chic by BFM

    There’s always been a recurring problem in the world of women's shoes, where wanting to invoke the stylishness of high heels will end up feeling very uncomfortable- but Mestrae might be the perfect response to this issue. With a mission to allow women feel comfortable and sexy at the same time, Mestrae’s patented technology allows people to interchange their heels, from highs, to stilettos, to flats.
  • BFM 89.9 : Road to Mestrae

    “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Those were the wise words of one Marilyn Monroe, who knew exactly how to make an impression, without compromising on style or comfort. And this is exactly what local startup company Mestrae, is trying to do too. Mestrae is Asia’s first and only interchangeable heels brand, providing the region stylish shoes that can be converted from heels to flats, or vice versa, in just a few seconds. Founder & CEO Christine Pamela shares with us the road to Mestrae, and how they envision fulfilling the needs and wants of the everyday woman who tries to do it all.
  • SME Magazine : A Shoe Thing

  • The STAR Press : Introducing the Malaysian shoes that could rule them all

    Ladies, ever have one of days where you need to run from one event to another without much time in between to change your outfit?

    Sure, some of us have figured out a way to jazz up the same outfit to fit different events (like wearing a jacket over your dress to a business meeting and putting on a snazzy necklace for a dinner date), but more often than not we’re stuck with wearing the same pair of shoes from morning to night

  • Female Magazine : Detachable Heels

    Nope! You don’t have to go around walking barefooted anymore when your legs start aching. All you need is a pair of heels from Mestrae and you’re sorted! 
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